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So it has been a while...

I can't believe that I am a senior in college. It is kind of scary that I am going to be kicked into the real world very soon. I have to find a job. That is my main goal for the new year.

I am very happy these days. Maybe it has to do with my bf. He is really amazing and supportive and I don't know what I would do without him. I am seeing him tomorrow and I am very excited. I have never had this kind of connection before with someone. He is truly my knight in shining armor.

So yeah I don't have time to do a lot of Photoshop/creative things which makes me sad. Though I am taking an interesting class about Variable Data Printing. We are actually creating right now our own Variable Data postcard. So I guess I can flex my creative juices there.

Maybe I will get around to do icons again!! =D
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Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening Show #....?

So yeah if anyone doesn't know I am obsessed with Spring Awakening. It is a really bad addiction. And it doesn't help that the theater is just a few subway stops away and I can obtain cheap tickets ($20-$40). Anyway so last night or tonight or however you see it (I saw it on Tuesday June 3) I saw Spring Awakening again with my sister Amanda. I can't keep track how many times I've seen it... is that bad? Anyway we got onstage tickets which are the cheapest but the BEST ONES in the house. You get to sit on stage and if your lucky, like my sister and I were, you get to sit next to the cast members and stare at them all you want! So I got to sit next to a lot of different people. My sister was next to an ensemble member Alice Lee who happened to have the exact same watch as my sister, plus they are both asian FREAKY!

So yeah I got to sit next to Blake Bashoff who was on LOST for a bit. On LOST he was the boyfriend to Bens daugther named Carl. He is amazing in SA (aka Spring Awakening)! He is just hilarious and sings really well too. He didn't do much when he was sitting next to me. He was intently watching the play and I kind of touched my left arm with his right arm!!! =P Matt Doyle also sat next to me who is now playing Hanschen. He does a pretty good job. I think he might of had allergies or something because he kept wiping his nose. I also got to sit next to Blake Daniel. He is adorable and sings really well too!

The new Wendla and Melchior were ok. I couldn't judge because I was kind of towards the back of the stage right by the drums and the violins so I couldn't hear very well. The new Melchior is kind of over dramatic at times and I think he can improve singing wise. I thought Alexandra Socha who played Wendla was pretty good acting wise. She phrased things weirdly though when she sang. Sometimes I couldn't hear her very well. I am going to have to judge them better from the front when I can actually hear him. I do miss Leah Michelle and Jonathan Groff though. I think maybe because I saw them so many times playing the parts and they did it so well! I had never seen anyone else play Wendla or Melchior before so I was used to their way of playing the parts.

At the end they all come out on stage and sing Song of Purple Summer. The Adult Woman (Christine Estabrook) walked out and faced where I was sitting and she winked at me! hmmm I wonder why? I am pretty sure it was at me.. hmmm

Oh and one last note.. Whoopie Goldberg was there tonight at Spring Awakening! I didn't get to talk to her but I saw her lots of times up close =D
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I <3 Pixar

So Pixar does it again with Wall-E that comes out next summer. I am so excited! I love pixar and this looks like it's going to be an amazing movie. Just watch it!

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Potter Pals


So I was smart and decided to sign up for 7:45am shifts in the computer lab 4 times a week. I like being the first shift just not so much the waking up part. I just keep telling myself just think of the $$ haha. But yeah I get really bored really fast and it is a 3 hour shift. So I wonder around the internet and try to amuse myself.

So behold what my boredom comes up with:

Only 26? I guess it's because I said I'm not really comfortable beating up 5year olds.

And this Mac ad is great:

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Spring Awakening

I'm Famous!!

So.. The Broadway Stagehand strike officially ended!! WOohoo.. So being the oh so obsessive addicted fan of Spring Awakening that I am I decided that I was going to do Student Rush the next morning (Thursday the 29th). So I am crazy and wake up around 4am and get down to the theater around 4:30am. How Student Rush works is that all students with a valid ID can get discount tickets ($26) for that nights performance. It's first come first serve. So getting there early is key especially since Spring Awakening does have A LOT of crazy addicted fans, some that are even more so then me. Anyway I get down there and there is NO ONE there. Cool I think I'm the first one. So I am hanging out outside the theater 5am on 49th street near Times Square. This extremely nice 34 year old doorman, who I learned was named Rodrigo, from the hotel next to the theater was kind enough to keep me company and I had a nice chat with him.

So I am standing there and along comes a reporter for NBC with a cameraman. She's like can I interview you? I'm like ok.. So she asks me all these questions about the strike and if I was excited about getting tickets etc. and the camera guy is shining this extremely bright light on my face. So she leaves. After a few hours pass more people show up to get in line. And with that more camera crews from different news stations. There was FOX and NY1 and they were all filming us and asking if we could talk. Anyway 10am finally rolls around and the box office opens. And I buy my ticket and I end up getting [b]Center Orchestra Row B 5 seats from the aisle[/b] and I'm like holy shit! I got a ticket that usually goes for over $200 for $26!!!

I go home and turn on the TV to NY1 this local news station for new york. And of course they do a story on the strike ending and what do you know there's me sitting on the sidewalk with the other people. I think they aired the other one on NBC where I talked but I don't really want to see it lol. So yeah I'm famous!!

The show was AMAZING! The cast was so pumped to be there once again. The audience clapped and cheered non-stop for "Totally Fucked" I thought it would go on forever. The entire cast was there which was the first for me I always had a few understudies. Though Jonathan B Wright wasn't there =( He was apparently cast in a movie and is due back in December. The guy replacing him Drew was pretty good. He does seem to have a weaker voice but maybe that was only during "The Word of Your Body" but he did fill Wright's shoes very well.
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Marie Antoinette

who does that?

Ok. So it's Black Friday. So naturally I went to Herald Square (34th street) by Macy's where there are a ton of shops to shop with my good friend Leah. And of course 1000 other people thought that same idea. So it was VERY crowded. So after Leah and I shopped and ate and hung out for a good 5 hours we go our separate ways...

So I'm walking by Macy's minding my own business when this guy says "excuse me!" to me from behind me. I turn and stop and he comes up to me. He is not exactly the most good looking guy ever but he is well dressed. Has a gray nice looking jacket on and what looks like a blackberry in his hand. So our conversation goes something like this:

Random Guy: So how are you?
Me: Good.. (looks confused and thinking he is trying to sell me something. Sometimes I've seen these well dressed guys trying to sell beauty products to women so yeah...)
Random Guy: I'm waiting for my friend do you want to do something?
Me: No answer.. (I am still very confused and trying to figure out where this guy is coming from)
Random Guy: Do you want to go get coffee or something?
Me: Uh... no
Random Guy: Is it because I'm a stranger?
Me: Yes
Random Guy: Where are you going now?
Me: Home
Random Guy: Well maybe we can do something later... (and then something about contacting me)
Me: Um. Well I'm leaving the city soon (kind of a white lie but w.e)
Random Guy: Oh where?
Me: Upstate NY
Random Guy: Oh a long distance thing. Well maybe I will see you in the future. It is a small world.
(Shakes my hand and then walks away)

So guys really do that? Come up to strange women on the street and ask them out without even knowing their name or even asking? And he acted all surprised that I didn't want to do something with him. This is NYC and you are a stranger and your not even that cute/hot. Maybe I would have considered if he was =P But yeah. Maybe I was shocked because (not to sound harsh on myself) I don't consider myself to be that type of girl guys come up to like that. I wasn't exactly looking glamorous. I had some eyeliner on with jeans and a black jacket and boots. So maybe the good part that came out of it was that it slightly boosted my confidence. I should of asked him "do you always come up to random women and ask them out?". Oh and his hand shake sucked. Maybe its because in taekwondo I was always taught to give a firm strong handshake but his was really flimsy. Also being the paranoid and not self-confident person that I am I checked my purse and stuff to make sure everything was still there because I totally thought it could be some kind of scam. Because really who does that?

And here's something I made during finals week when I was in the lab bored. I actually hadn't made anything like that in a while. Maybe the New Media Lab just gives me inspiration lol

Click to Enlarge
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Marie Antoinette


"There's a point in your life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything. But it's not giving up... It's realizing that you don't need certain people, the bullshit and the drama they bring."

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.

P.S - Oh yeah and I might be changing the layout soon. Nothing crazy just the theme. But who knows when I will be getting around to doing that.
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Potter Pals

back to the ROC I go...

Well I'm back to good old RIT on Tuesday. I was actually supposed to go back on Thursday/Friday but someone *coughmadelinecough* begged and whined for me to come back earlier. But that means I have to pack Monday... Bleh I hate packing. Can't wait to see everyone again. Summer was hmm... I guess I could say interesting? It was ok. Had its ups and downs. Looking forward to the year.... =D
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