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it's the bitch of living...

kathryn's journal


1. Credit if you use an icon. Don't know how? Click HERE
2. Do Not Alter under any circumstances... these were all made by me and taking them and editing them is unfair
3. No Hotlinking! That eats away at my bandwith... Just save and upload them yourself somewhere else
4. Comments Appreciated... I want to know what you think
5. Just because the icons are blank does not mean they are bases. Sometimes I don't feel like adding text
7. Enjoy!!



Scarlett-Fan.com , Rachel McAdams Central , Elegance Pixelfied,
Last Beautiful Girl, Lost Media, Evangeline Lilly Fan,
Viggo Mortensen Fan, Bryce Howard Online, ChristinaAguilera.eu,
Emmy Rossum Fan, l-lohan.com, Full Bloom,
prettywitchstar (Memoirs of a Geisha Caps), Happened for a Reason: Jate Site, Eccentricity Online


Falling Night, Lonely Dreams, dearest, urbanstrokes, eggdrpsoup, anglesey, flyingwild, quiettype, regen, kissedpaper, goddess_naunett, arisubox, colorfilter, disneylori, tsukicon, risha666, ianthinae, my_givenchy, demon_chyld, _hakanaidreams, missymw88icons, unmasked_icons, _ashenicons, grafikitty, token_icons, selfdestruct, candycrack, fukikomu, thrift, wash_when_dirty, cool_graphix, wonderland__, peoplemachines, fate, silverqe, _promenadeicons


brushes for photoshop, The Magic box, Spy.glass.net, Hybrid Genesis, Touchstones art, Palimpsest, Vbrush, Portfelia, haydens__hunnie, cosmo_mouse, aranelmanveri, ownthesunshine, the_testimony, frannplus, libumkeiki, dreamydaydream, yuzurenai, anon_chan, starlit_designs, arisubox, omg_pretty, amethystia, ErendisBlack, graphicss, honerbright, cardcaptur, myrasis, kerilu, _hakanaidreams, teh_indy, ibedesign, dilkerhtahai, sir, eirenealetheia, 77words, snowgarden, firaga, iiokua, diablo_dancer, preci0us_dreams, swinglines, nightcomes, meleada, organza, sassy_kath, big_rock_show, _cinjudes_, amethystia, diablo_dancer, pink_cupcake, neke






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Mood Themes

insanityy, wall2wall, endingscomelast, sightsee, dlaurora1955, ignoramouse, imegaphone, paintedxlie

If you see something that I used that is yours and your
not credited above let me know and I will add you!

Past Layouts

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